The AI chatbot: buddy or foe?

The AI chatbot: buddy or foe?
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Quickly after its launch, some customers of Microsoft’s new Bing (an AI-powered search engine) noticed a darker facet of the chatbot. Know-how journalist Chris Stokel-Walker takes us via what’s occurring with the know-how and whether or not it’s as terrifying because it sounds.

The AI chatbot: buddy or foe?
The attention of HAL9000 (Cryteria/Morning Lemon)

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Microsoft soft-launched its new AI-powered search engine in early February. After years of taking part in second fiddle to Google, the brand new Bing appeared to lastly have one thing thrilling to supply.

Greater than one million folks signed up on a wait listing to check out the brand new function. However it wasn’t lengthy earlier than some early testers reported that their interactions with the chatbot had taken an unsettling flip. 

For some, the weird interactions have been disconcertingly much like depictions of AI gone sentient straight out of science fiction.

Right this moment, Chris Stokel-Walker, a know-how journalist and contributor to the Guardian’s TechScape publication, explains this newest chatbot, what the know-how is doing and whether or not it is as terrifying because it sounds. 

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